New School ROI: The five pillars of measuring content marketing success

10 Sep , 2015  


How much does it cost to build an empire? Well, as far as building a content marketing empire is concerned, assembling your army and giving them the right arsenal can be pricey.  In fact, the estimated spend on new digital collateral in 2014 was a staggering $135 billion.[1] However, as any of the great emperors […]


Get your head out of the sand: Five steps to understanding content measurement and ROI

9 Sep , 2015  

buryheadsand (4)

If you believe the data, in 2015, businesses will spend in excess of $50 billion on content marketing-related projects. Caught up in the hysteria, and not wanting to be left behind, companies of all shapes and sizes are exploring content marketing as a way of improving customer engagement over traditional tactics, such as online advertising. […]



8 Sep , 2015   Video

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Measuring the success of your content marketing is one of the biggest challenges facing digital marketers today. It is no longer enough to know someone simply visited your page, given the richness of video media and through many different ways and devices your visitors can engage with you website. You need to build up a […]



The end of ‘Gaming Google’ : Five steps to high ranking content marketing

7 Sep , 2015  

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The days of ‘gaming Google’ are over. For marketers fixated on finding the right SEO keyword blend for search engine success, Google’s new focus on quality is a huge warning shot to content creators everywhere. In case you missed it, alongside an updated algorithm that prioritises web pages optimised for mobile, Google has also evolved […]


Why blocking the ad blockers is a dangerous policy

4 Sep , 2015  

ad blocking

The ad blockers are coming! Contemplative rubbing of chins and scratching of heads reaches new levels as brands everywhere seek a solution to this potential nightmare. If consumers don’t want to see ads, then how can we raise brand awareness and push our products? It’s a dilemma, and eConsultancy journalist Patricio Robles this week outlined […]


Ad nausea creating a bright future for content marketing

3 Sep , 2015  

ad nausea

Apple’s recent announcement that it will be adding content blocking extensions for the latest version of its Safari browser may have been greeted with almighty cheers by some web consumers, even if digital marketers were less overwhelmed. If you’re into statistics, recent research from both Adobe and PageFair suggests that 144 million users used ad-blocking tools […]


Hands On: How to Ensure Your Content Meets Google’s Phantom 2 Requirements

30 Jul , 2015   Video

Phantom 2 Netbiscuits

To complement our recent post detailing how Google’s Phantom 2 update could affect your website, this video explains how you can ensure your content meets the requirements. The latest algorithm update penalizes sites whose content isn’t regarded by Google as high quality. To keep your SEO rankings high, you need to produce engaging digital content which keeps visitors on your site for longer […]

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Top tips for delivering content to multiple screens

30 Jul , 2015  

Multiscreen content

Netbiscuits guest contributor Sam Morton from M2 Bespoke provides some advice to marketers on delivering content to multiple screens. As a marketer, how do you feel about multi-screening? Maybe you see it as your main priority and are working hard to realise its full potential. Or perhaps, you see it more as an obstacle, a […]


Good call: 8 tips to make your CTAs work harder

28 Jul , 2015  


Netbiscuits guest Sam Morton from M2 Bespoke offers digital marketers some advice on making their CTAs leap off the page.   Take a moment to think about the last call-to-action you wrote. Was it a perfectly optimised, killer line that spoke to your audience and encouraged them to click? Or was it more of a […]


Google continues to haunt your web content

16 Jul , 2015  

Phantom 2

First came Mobilegeddon, swiftly followed by Attack of The Ad Blockers and now we’re hearing rumors of Phantom 2.   Given that summer holiday season is upon us, you could be forgiven for thinking this is a roundup of the latest high-octane blockbusters. In fact, it’s a perfect storm of near-epic proportions for digital marketers. […]

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