New School ROI: The five pillars of measuring content marketing success

3 Jul , 2015  


How much does it cost to build an empire? Well, as far as building a content marketing empire is concerned, assembling your army and giving them the right arsenal can be pricey.  In fact, the estimated spend on new digital collateral in 2014 was a staggering $135 billion.[1] However, as any of the great emperors […]


Why blocking the ad blockers is a dangerous policy

2 Jul , 2015  

ad blocking

The ad blockers are coming! Contemplative rubbing of chins and scratching of heads reaches new levels as brands everywhere seek a solution to this potential nightmare. If consumers don’t want to see ads, then how can we raise brand awareness and push our products? It’s a dilemma, and eConsultancy journalist Patricio Robles this week outlined […]


eCommerce and getting into the mobile mindset

28 Jun , 2015  


A recent eConsultancy article[1] on converting mobile browsers into buyers highlighted a conclusion which we at Netbiscuits have talking about for quite some time.   “Websites that fail to function on a mobile device or deliver a less-than-perfect experience will see diminishing returns.”   It’s a well-advertised fact that 2014 was the year mobile browsing […]



Content: The long and the short of it

26 Jun , 2015  

Long Content vs Short Content

A debate as old as the Internet raised its contentious head in the Netbiscuits offices earlier today: is long-form or short-form content more effective? For those of us super-annuated enough to remember, the debate divides loyalties as fiercely as the great Blur vs. Oasis Britpop-off of 1995. Wait… what… 20 years?! Anyway…   A colleague […]


Why Facebook is ranking posts based on the ‘content of your content’

25 Jun , 2015  


Hot on the heels of Apple’s ad-blocking announcement for iOS9, Facebook has declared that it will now rank your News Feed based on how long users spend on posts. Two of the biggest names in the digital world have now thrown their hats into the content marketing ring with gusto. Facebook’s update essentially makes user […]


Ad nausea creating a bright future for content marketing

15 Jun , 2015  

ad nausea

Apple’s recent announcement that it will be adding content blocking extensions for the latest version of its Safari browser may have been greeted with almighty cheers by some web consumers, even if digital marketers were less overwhelmed. If you’re into statistics, recent research from both Adobe and PageFair suggests that 144 million users used ad-blocking tools […]


Why SEO Must Work With UX

8 Jun , 2015  

SEO and UX

It’s fair to say, that historically, hitting the top spots on Google’s search ranking page was more down to an effective use of keywords than solely the quality content or user experience. The entire SEO industry has been built on this premise; so, after throwing their hard-earned cash at keyword optimisation, digital marketers can be […]


Multi-screen Ads create device dilemma for marketers

5 Jun , 2015  

Multiscreen ads

The way in which media is consumed has changed beyond all recognition over the years. After all, why just sit in front of the TV when you can sit in front of the TV together with a laptop and your mobile at arm’s length? According to research from Microsoft, 86% of Brits now have an […]


How to tell who is engaging with your content marketing

2 Jun , 2015   Video


Diversity is one of the undoubted joys of the Internet. With a little marketing, visitors of all backgrounds, all interests and all walks of life can simply rock up and check out your website. It’s a massive advance from the days of picking a single location on a single street and hoping the right customers […]


Marketing in the Digital Age: How data helps fight entropy

1 Jun , 2015  


By Michael J. Becker (CREDIT: originally appeared on www.mcordis.com)   Entropic forces – natural forces that lead to a lack of order or predictability – rule the marketplace. To understand the marketplace and create order and predictability, leading marketers, regardless of their size, understand that marketing is a data science. For decades, marketers such as […]